Facade Fa. SISTO

Flat tension textile curtain wall

For the extension of the company SISTO, two rectangular textile curtain walls as advertising media and sun protection with a total area of 260m2 were designed as a frame construction fixed at points on the facade. The positioning of the brackets was coordinated with the joint grid of the façade panels so that installation could be carried out with a minimum of machining. The membrane with the FACID 65 profile is connected to the steel primary system made of RH profiles. The membrane façade, which is printed over its entire surface, consists of individual partial panels that are precisely aligned with each other to create the harmonious overall impression of the print. The view to the outside is undisturbed, while at the same time radiation penetration is reduced.

Picture 1-4: © Textil Bau GmbH

Project details:




Echternach, Luxembourg

Building owner:

Company SISTO Armaturen S.A.


Textil Bau GmbH


Static calculation, execution planning steel construction, workshop planning membrane clamping profiles

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