Radom Raisting

Workshop and assembly planning of the membrane envelope

In order to protect the parabolic reflector antenna, which was erected in 1964, from external weather influences, it was encased in a 48.8m diameter and 34m high pneumatically prestressed membrane constructed as a spherical section. Since the replacement envelope erected in 2010 it was destroyed during a storm in February 2020, it has become necessary to erect a new envelope. The new envelope now consists of diagonally running sheets, which reduce its deformation from applied wind loads by up to 30% compared to a vertical sheet. During installation, a pneumatic ring was used at the lower edge of the membrane, which assisted in raising the membrane during retraction so that it could be lowered over the existing antenna without colliding. AR Ingenieure used a virtual collision analysis to determine the position and number of protective elements on the antenna. Furthermore, the design of the seam details and the cutting of the envelope were planned. A parametric cutting model enabled their economic determination depending on the width and quantity of the membrane material used.

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Raisting, Germany

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Radom Raisting GmbH


ITF Technical Fabrics GmbH


Assembly and workshop planning membrane

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Ingenieurbüro FTR, Architekturbüro Spaenle